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Kantoslash: Sandslash Lv 4 (M)
Kantoslash is, of course, the Kantonian version of Sandslash. Unfortunately, he has some envy over the awesomeness that is Alolan Sandslash, and wishes he could be one instead. Sadly for him, then he would no longer be a Ground-type and thus Gym-useless, so I won't let him (was that too meta?). So he figured the next best thing was using the alt-forme's typing for an attack.
Sig: Special Attack: Alola Aether Slash
This technique comes in two variations: a Steel-typed one called Alola Sol Slash, and an Ice-typed one called Alola Luna Slash. Both use major energy of their respective type to deal heavy damage of said type, and each have a different secondary effect. Alola Sol Slash restores 75% of the damage dealt back to his health. As a draining move, Alola Sol Slash is subject to the same diminishing returns as others. Alola Luna Slash ignores any Defense or Special Defense buff the foe may have (via stat boost, SC, or any other reason) for its damage, and, if one is present, negates it for three rounds. Such a versatile power comes with downsides, however. He loses all other Steel moves, and can only use each variation once per battle. His cold-weather cousin has also worn off on him a little, causing him to take an extra 50% damage from Fire moves, instead of his original neutrality.

Sneaze: Approved.

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