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Current team on Moon, just out of Diglett's Cave:

Lv. 26 Dartrix
Lv. 25 Crabrawler
Lv. 25 Ribombee
Lv. 26 Oricorio (Pom-Pom)
Lv. 24 Salandit

I caught a shiny Salandit, but it's not the Salandit I'm using. Pom-Pom Oricorio has been my MVP on this island so far, even without an Electric STAB move, thanks to her being able to use both Feather Dance and Confide. I was intrigued at the comments here about how difficult the level curve gets when you turn Exp. Share off, so I switched it off somewhere before Lana's trial and can feel the level curve gradually catching up.

Has the "baby Pokemon have three perfect IVs" thing been maintained this gen? I've been wondering about it with all the wild baby 'mon running around.
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