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I just finished the first Island. I'm taking this pretty slowly for the most part. For almost the entire first island, I couldn't make up my mind on who I want on my party, so Torracat has been doing everything. I found the holy sanctuary of Petililis, so I captured one of those. I just have to figure out whether or not I can get it a sun stone before level 28. Despair hit me when Mr. Move Professor went to show me how to use Z Moves. He went to fight....a wild fucking Growlithe. A wild Growlithe when I wanted to use a Vulpix. So much for messing with that adorable white thing!

Difficulty-wise, I came across a few hurdles here and there, but for the most part, Torracat just crushes everything. That may change in island 2, which kind of worries me. Petilili can't do much until she evolves. A Pichu that I just happened to come across and catch has been surprisingly helpful. In a few battles that almost led to my demise, he landed some helpful ailments and debuffs.

I have been having some immature fun with the theme-park thing. One funny thing is that any time you are asked a personal question, in an attempt to not hurt the player's feelings, it will always have a good response. I have answered in the most sleazeball ways possible, but the person always responds positively.

"What kind of people are your friends?"
"Old men (female character)"

"Do you ever keep secrets?"

Also any time I come across a guy with a design I don't like, I always tell him that he'll love the Ball Shop. I'm sure he'll love to eat there with his damn skull tanktop and black everything. When I saw the comments about trainers, I thought I hit a gold mine in the "favorite trainers" bit, because "Preschoolers" are trainers, but sadly instead of "I like boy preschoolers.", it's "I like battling boy preschoolers.". I guess they saw that coming.

(very minor plot spoilers)
Spoiler: show
I actually kind of like Team Skull. They're dumbasses like anime Team Rocket, but they're actually funny. I can't help but laugh every time they show up.
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