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Round 6: Zzzzzzzzzzz.... mongoose....

The sleeping serpent starts Talking in his Sleep, which prompts the ref to set the RNG to select one of the 73 moves that Dratini can learn. Seventy-three. Meanwhile, Mudkip charges up some Ice energy, which she launches in a Beam. But it seems luck is in order, rolling 53 on Dave's Dratini Move List, which is...

Murmuring slightly, Dratini's eyes glow behind their lids, and a Light Screen erects itself in front of him, gobbling up the freezing energy.

Dratini now wakes from his refreshing nap, blinking as he sees the protective wall in front of him. His opponent now takes the chance to offer him a wake-up call, firing a howling Blizzard at the wee dragon. The Light Screen groans and shatters after aborbing a decent chunk of the attack, the rest of the maelstrom hitting Dratini for chilling damage. Now definately woken up, Dratini coats his body with that familiar turquoise glow, before charging in for another Dragon Rush attack, smacking Mudkip back somewhat.

Mudkip took decent damage, finding herself just below 1/2 now. Dratini took a strong hit, now down to the 2/3 marker.

Mudkip used a load of dodging, now just below 2/3 overall. Ice energy is almost gone, enough for an Icy Wind, Ice Punch or half-strength Ice Beam. Dratini restored a good chunk of energy, but burned most of it up again, back down to just above 1/2. Psychic is at 1/2.

Dratini's speed boost is fading.

They're about 3 metres/9 feet apart.

Orders from Peridot.
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