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Round 3: Trippin' balls

Been out of town, had a TA post, sorry.

Even with that pep-talk from her trainer, Mudkip's vision is filled with members her unevolved form rushing around saying 'Mudkiiiip. Mudkip? Mudkiiiip. Mudkip?' blah blah, you get the picture. Anyways, she's so addled, that she completely forgets about the Mud Shot she was supposed to do. Meanwhile, Dratini manages to shake off the confusion, but seeing no attack from his opponent, he makes no attempt to Agility out of the way.

The little serpent now slithers across to the mudskipper. Mudkip sees this, and this snaps her out of it, moving to use her own Agility to get out of the way, but her slow reactions, as well as Dratini's overall speed, mean that she still gets Slammed by the tail of the little beastie.

Mudkip took a decent hit, a bit further from perfect. Dratini took no damage, still just off perfect.

Mudkip very little energy, a little further from perfect. Dratini used fair energy, now at 3/4 overall.

Dratini still has that speed boost. The confusion has been knocked out of both of them.

They're still in close quarters, about 2 metres/6 feet apart.

Orders from Handy.
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