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Round 2: Trippin' balls

Just a note, Water Pulse doesn't have a charge time, that's just for Hyper Beam, Shadow Ball and Focus Punch. Water Pulse, however, does come in an Orb form and a Wave form, the former having a confusion chance but the latter having wider spread.

With his speed boost, Dratini Rushes in toward his foe, turquoise Dragon energy coating his body as he does so. Mudkip moves to Agility out of the way, but the speedy dragon is too fast, catching up with her instantly and slamming into her for good damage.

Dratini now issues a load of Supersonic noise, which gets inside the Water-type's head, addling her brain in confusion. Seeing stars, Mudkip just about manages to remember orders, firing a Water Pulse at the serpent, and the Dratini gets a taste of his own medicine, confused in return by the attack.

Mudkip took a solid hit, a good way from perfect. Dratini took a decent, but resisted, hit, just off perfect.

Mudkip used fair energy, a decent way from perfect. Dratini used good energy, on the road to 3/4 already, but not there yet.

Dratini still has that speed boost. Both Pokémon are confused, and will remain so until either knocked out of it or the RNG says so.

They're close-up, about 2 metres/6 feet apart.

Orders from Peridot.
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