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Biohazard Badge
Global Badge
The radioactive skull badge given out by Shadowshocker, leader of the Poison-typed Ground Zero Gym. All of Shadow's Pokemon are designed after some of Jumbaa Jookiba's 628 illegal genetic experiments, though due to general restraints Shadow has not been able to transcribe soopuh-Pokemon abilities to them. No one said anything about the badge, though, and it seems that prolonged exposure to the nasty sides of Poison has turned the badge septically sinister...
Badge Effect: Insult to Injury
If the holder's opponent's Pokemon is under at least one status, the holder's Pokemon does 15% more damage to the statused Pokemon.

Diamondhead: Level 6 Male Metagross
"Ha! I can cut through anything, so cut me some slack!"
Diamondhead was found in a quarry where the rocks were enriched with highly fortifying metals, creating special magnetic waves that drew many Beldum to the area, thereby preventing further excavation. Diamondhead was a particularly shiny Beldum, such that when the sunlight reflected off its lustrous body one can almost suffer blindness from looking at him for too long under strong sunlight. Deemed an oddity by its peers and ostracised as a result, it volunteered to join forces with Sector Shadow when the team happened to pass by.
Signature Move: Metal Mirror
Diamondhead is able to reflect beam attacks with his shiny metal body, and as such takes 15% less damage from them. However, his body is more easily damaged by Sound-type attacks as they shatter, and thus takes 20% more damage from them.

Grim: Level 5 Male Dusknoir
The leader of Shadowshocker's Squad, Grim is a wise Pokémon that knows what to do in any situation, be it a landslide or an argument between his squadmates. Grim's high level of intelligence and mastery of his own elemental abilities makes him a dark horse in battle.
Signature Move: Skull and Cross Beam
Grim fires a powerful beam of Ghost energy in the shape of a skull-and-crossbones symbol (but still the same size as a normal, fully charged Hyper Beam), capable of causing major damage or destruction. It takes a large amount of energy, and leaves Grim very drained for a period immediately afterwards. Grim may try to attack during this time, but success is less likely. Grim is unable to use Ghost-type attacks for five turns after a full-charge Skull and Cross Beam. An alternative to this is a "quick-charge" Skull and Cross Beam, which deals damage akin to 1/2 of Ice Beam, but uses less energy and no recharge time. In reality, this attack can run the gamut from minimal charge, which would do quick, but only decent damage, to the fully charged version, which deals major damage. Depending on the charge and how much it was hit by Skull and Cross Beam, the Pokemon Skull and Cross Beam is targeted at will have a 0% to 20% chance of being scared and hence unable to attack (0% at low charge, 20% at full charge) for four turns at most. Larger Pokemon such as Gyarados and Steelix are 20% less likely to be affected this way. Grim can't use Skull and Cross Beam for more than once at full charge or twice at quick charge each battle.

Zapster: Level 5 Male Electivire
A playful, brash member of Shadowshocker's Squad. Zapster has been known to go out and play in the midst of lightning storms, and can absorb lightning strikes to the extent of hurting himself.
Signature Move: Storm Blessing
Zapster lets fly a blast of electricity into the sky. The same blast comes down in the form of a lightning bolt onto his opponent one to three turns later (similar to Future Sight), shocking them severely. Before the attack comes, rumblings begin to echo from the sky and a brilliant flash of light may occur. Storm Blessing uses up as much energy as Future Sight and also does as much damage as Future Sight. Zapster can't use this attack more than once each battle and he can't use this attack while battling in indoor arenas.

Wukong: Level 5 Male Infernape
Bio: The seventh member of Sector Shadow's non-Gym Squad, Wukong the Monferno was a much anticipated operative of Shadowshocker (disregarding what most people have to say about Chimchar). Realistically speaking, Wukong's name doesn't have much to say about his ability in relation to the mythical character he was named after, but Shadow taught him a signature move to use that was special nonetheless.
Signature Move: Knuckle Boom
Wukong focuses energy into his fist like he would for a Focus Punch, but instead of Fighting-type energy he gathers Fire-type energy. When he's done charging, he punches his fist forward in front of him, releasing a forward explosion of intense heat in a fashion similar to Heat Wave. This attack does as much damage as a Focus Punch, requires the energy of Focus Punch and Fire Punch to use, and can be used twice per battle. The intense heat also has a 20% chance of burning the opponent. However, the damage and likelihood of
burn from this attack get weaker the further the opponent is, as the heat dissipates.

Ripjaws: Level 5 Male Feraligatr
"Sorry. Just needed to moisturise."
Having spent a majority of his time in the water, more so than others of his kind, Ripjaws had a stronger affinity for water even after he was forced to look for food ashore after his family's private lagoon could no longer provide after a shifting in the prey populations. Capture has not seemed to change this characteristic of Ripjaws, who over time tends to show signs of discomfort when he isn't in a body of water.
Signature Move: Hydro Bio
Ripjaws has more experience underwater and as a result, his Water-type attacks are 10% more powerful and he is 10% speedier in performing attacks when in water. However, he experiences greater discomfort in Sunny Day, similar weather or in arid, dry arenas, more so than other Water-types.

Way Big: Level 5 male Golurk
"I'm not just big; I'm WAY BIG!"
Way Big is a particularly happy, bouncy, energetic specimen of his kind, rendering him clumsy yet endearing. In order to protect his quarry, Way Big figured out how to increase his bodily mass through the application of cursed energy and clay constructs.
Signature Move: I'm Way Big!
Way Big has learned Growth in exchange for Iron Defence.

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