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Straight boosts are rather dull and overused imo. Plus, they don't even get that many punching moves. What I'd like to see is Poliwrath, a mon that has pretty much all the grappling moves in the book, be explicitly good at grappling moves, since as it stands right now it's actually fairly shitty at something that should be a niche for it. Throw in something like "Despite its sliminess, Poliwrath is an adept grappler and is better at using moves such as Submission than the average Fighting-Type."

Poliwhirl getting Fighting familiarity doesn't really work well because it also evolves into Politoed.

Honestly, it's a line that doesn't need much help- they're TL...4? 5? Whatever, TL they are, they're there for a reason, and that reason is they're good mon. Ensure Poliwrath isn't the only grappling-based fighter to suck at grappling ever and we're solid, I think.

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