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There seems to be much conclusion jumping is happening here in regards to a member, and a situation, you have fully admitted you know very little about.

It seems to me the notion of banning someone on UPN in general is something that makes you uncomfortable, which is understandable given how the issue is somewhat personal to you due to past history, and because it's very, very seldom someone active gets wholly banned from the community due to how normally laid back everyone is. So I'm assuming that may be why you feel the need to take a stand on this issue... one that, again, you have admitted you only know the most barebones details of.

I can assure you that as someone who by default has no horse in this particular race one way or the other due to my extremely limited personal interactions with Aposteriori over the years and no direct tie to the communities he frequented, that, as an outsider who has been looking in on this for a while now, it's pretty clear to me that the banning of this individual is wholly appropriate at this point. And if I didn't feel that it was, I would probably say something, as I'm sure you're well aware by now I am not afraid to do...

You give someone a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance, an eighth chance, a twelfth chance, and they fuck it up every time, it becomes clear there is probably no end in sight to the amount of times they will say "Sorry, won't happen again." At that point, you've issued multiple ultimatums, and they still haven't complied, what are you left with? They are bringing nothing to the community but toxicity and negativity and trolling and taking advantage of anyone they want, whenever they want, and it becomes clear they're just bringing down everyone around them intentionally.

But if you want to call it just "being loyal to King George" or what have you just because of my demi-admin status, then it's whatever, I guess :l
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