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I'm going to take issue with the words civil and polite there, Talon. I think Sneaze pointed out already how Apost was definitely guilty of baiting, and whether or not Sneaze fell for it, that is not civil or polite. Also, trying to abuse the case of my interactions with him to make himself seem the victim despite the fact that literally everyone was telling him they weren't buying it is not civil or polite, it was a blatant attempt to be manipulative (another thing he likes to do).

In any case, we wanted him gone because his presence was nothing but a detriment to the community. He continued to be solely self serving, and was outright attempting to make FB trainer battles into new!ASB, which is the most roundabout way of circumventing a ban known to man. Hell, we told Meetan as soon as he reared his head exactly what kind of behavior to expect from him and she can tell you herself that from her own experience, such warnings were entirely justified.

Anyway, if there is any rule that should never have to be written down that goes across the entirety of any forum, it should be don't harass the userbase. A great many of the people who were in FB during the time of Apost's stay will tell you that if Apost wanted something of theirs, he would never stop asking for it, because as has been said many times, Apost didn't know the meaning of the word no. I'd imagine you'd hate the guy too if he decided to pester you to no end for a Pokemon you'd been going after for a long time once you finally got it. That behavior is what has gotten Apost banned at this rate, because he can't keep from pestering anyone and everyone around him for his own benefit. Because let's face it, if Apost had just been breaking rules in FB specifically, Jeri could have just banned him from FB specifically, like he did ASB.
The ban was not for FB specific behavior, because it was the same behavior that got him banned from ASB. In simpler terms, it wasn't because he expressed these behaviors in a specific game, it was because he expressed them repeatedly despite being told he should not by several warnings and a ban from ASB. Sure, he was supremely disliked, but that tends to come with the territory of problematic behavior.
Because, you know, if it didn't bother anyone at all, it probably wouldn't be problematic, ya get me?

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