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That doesn't matter though! Being a douchebag is not a crime, and if that is the "real" reason he was banned (much like the constant baiting to get UM to self-incriminate) you all should feel bad, because that's pathetic. Not because the poster was trouble, but because the solution is very easy and effective if everyone cooperates.

This has happened on UPN before (with one of my best friends) and it happened at work, and I will probably see it again in some form. But I cannot, for the life of me, understand why people take things personally on the internet and cannot hit the ignore. Perhaps I grew up in an era where a screename is merely a pseudonym and not an alter ego. Perhaps it's because I have years of experience trolling and learned how to grind people down to a miserable, self-doubting puddle of paste.

But ostracizing is the only real tool that works. It's like a community-enforced "hellban". By taking this route, you guys have only opened yourself to a recurring curse and exposed yourself a lacking self-control or self-discipline.

Now, maybe Kuno's ignore function could use work. I still see the poster's hidden post in topics where I have ignore enabled. Other forums have their presence completely ablated unless someone quotes them, as if the post were deleted. Mods can see deleted posts so why not make the functions more similar?
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