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Originally Posted by AK2 View Post
In regard to Ash being different...... biggest reboot ever in personality? He acts like a 10 year old boy?
Sort of.

The defining quality of his character since OS was that he was obsessed with battling and getting stronger. You don't see that here in SM, where he and Pikachu are more concerned with having fun rather than battling explicitly. They still get excited about battling but it's not a singular obsession like it was in say, Kalos.

Ash has to be pushed by his Pokemon, usually Rockruff or Litten, to want to train them. The only Pokemon Pikachu got worked up over fighting were the totems, Ultra Beasts or Tapu Koko.

His treatment of Rowlet is a good example of this, he hasn't been so lax with a Pokemon since Johto. Rowlet doesn't care much for battles despite being pretty good at them. In the past, Ash would still grind such a Pokemon and he hasn't.

Originally Posted by AK2 View Post
I have to respectfully disagree on Alolan characters vs Kalos. Yes, the current cast is a lot more eccentric, but the Alolan cast holds a place in my heart, but to each their own.
I don't think they're more eccentric...they're more normal than the Kalos crew was. Part of that is seeing the SM cast do ordinary activities:

-Mao cooking at her restaurant
-Suiren fishing
-Kiawe delivering milk on his Charizard
-Kukui teaching
-Mamane doing stuff on his computer
-Acerola reading to children
-Team Rocket selling honeymitsu

The slice-of-life aspect has been really pushed forward in this, even if we've seen stuff like this in the past we haven't seen it all at once. TR for example usually sells things but mostly as a disguise: they're actually making money in this scenario and doing it for that reason.

Originally Posted by AK2 View Post
Did you see the newest episode? As of May 24
No, it wasn't out when I left home.
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