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I hate boomers more than millennials, still.

A lot of this push-back is coming from efforts to appease Trump's base, who are mostly disenfranchised boomers. You would have thought that the boomers would be more tolerant/progressive than the greats, but they're not and are probably less.

Something from Quora: "Why is Fox News so popular?"

Originally Posted by Quora
Ex Fox employee here. I've worked at CNN, HLN, and CBS NEWS. Fox is only successful because of the elderly. The elderly do not like their views to be challenged and are the easiest to lead. Believe it or not most young people get their news from twitter, Facebook, and await for ittttttt Comedy Central.

Fox is the only "news" station I know that sued to for the right to lie.

Fox news sued for the right to lie, so they can take facts and frame it however, they want. I have to admire how they can morph any fact into political propaganda. Their marketing skills are strong.

However, Fox News is not the worst. CBS news is the worst. They are biased to the tee for the GOP. They talked in the office of assassinating the president. Racist remarks were flung daily. As a black guy in the office, I fled fast. I wasn't the first either.
Fox is more openly inflammatory, so I can see why it would get more attention, but I never imagined CBS was more right-wing. In the Rather era I figured it was either neutral or slightly left-leaning.
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