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It appears that all of the Kagepro songs have finally been covered! Well, almost. Both of Ene's songs are missing. And Kenjirou's, for that matter. That being said, why don't I just give my impressions on a few of them.

Children Record-
Spoiler: show
It's common for these songs to be labeled "Jin feat. ___", but none of them actually include the man's voice... except for this one cover. I used to think that Jin only opened his mouth for Summertime Record because of time constraints or something... It's now apparent the this wonderful creator really just felt like singing.
Other than that little surprise and the fact that it is a duet, the cover is surprisingly faithful to the original.

Yabanashi Deceive-
Spoiler: show
Musically, I prefer the original. But this is Kagepro, and the music itself isn't everything! This sucker also has a pair of singers, but takes it a few steps further than Children Record. Remember Female!Kano from IA's vid? Seems reasonable to me that she wouldn't have the same voice as everyone's favorite shady guy!

Shounen Brave
Spoiler: show
All right, I got a bit of beef with this one. The featured singer's name threw me through a loop right off the bat. By the time I found this, I was already aware of Nano, another singer who's active in the East. As such, the name 'nano.RIPE' grabbed my curiosity... then through it into the crater of Mt. Fuji. As it turns out, RIPE's voice was grating my ears so badly I couldn't appreciate the otherwise awesome sounding instrumentals. Sorry, but I can't say I agree with Jin's choice on this one.

Shinigami Record-
Spoiler: show
Now this- this was freakin' beautiful. I'm not sure if I should blame Kingdom Hearts or my fourth grade science teacher, but there's something about serene pianos that plays on my nostalgia. Given that it builds up throughout the entire song before almost fading out, I get the feeling that the music itself is trying to tell the tragic tale alongside the lyrics. I certainly can't complain about that.

Outer Science-
Spoiler: show
This. Freakin'. Song. If there was ever a reason to complain about MCA being rushed. Can you imagine how awesome it would be if it was used in the Kuroha sequence? Between the occasional swap in instruments and the excess sound effects, this rendition gives an air of organised chaos. And isn't that what the massacres are? The only thing standing against this one is the monologue preceding it. Given that I don't actually know the language, it seems kinda pointless to me. Wish I could fix that...

I don't really have much to say about the rest of 'em for the time being, so I guess I'll drop off here. Adios!
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