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Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
I do respect them for their brilliant modern version of the holy war, though. Say what you will, but these people are not uneducated religious savages, they're media-savvy propagandists who have indoctrinated a scary amount of people into their cult.
It doesn't take a bonafide einstein genius to upload photos to Instagram. Millions of American users prove this point daily.

I also disagree that they're not savages - ISIS has no method of action or central planning for how they want to trigger their war of blood. Compare to the Vietcong, who knew they would lose a war of attrition with the US unless the war grew unpopular enough domestically to force withdrawl.

ISIS reminds me of a murderer who kills someone impulsively, without plan of escaping successfully and diverting suspicion. A clever murderer goes in with a plan, and methodically kills and covers his tracks. This is why many murders go unsolved, if they're even identified as such, and the most common convicted murderers are idiots.

So what you have, then, is a group of nutter butters who just want the US to paradrop into the Islamic State and kill everyone. Without a widespread awakening of jihad, ISIS is no better than Occupy Wall Street or the Malheur occupation.
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