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Bumping quickly back into Ashaya and Bethany, Kael makes a mental note to maybe actually allow them to purchase some essentials so they don't look they just went dumpster diving on a regular basis. Shrugging off Ashaya's usual snark Kael hits the sack after finishing preparations for the next day.

The morning walk is nice enough, with Ashaya a bit more cheerful than the norm thanks to Katya's presence, the Pikachu riding on her shoulder on the way. Arriving at the Gym Ines welcomes the group and introduces them to Ples, the rather cheerful man he had seen the previous day, before Ashaya is offered training for Katya and she and Ines take off for a bit.

Genuinely surprised to see Ashaya using more smile than she does snark, Kael takes a moment to process the events of the morning before following Ples with Bethany in tow. Arriving at the top of the blimp at the arena, Kael is a bit shocked by it all, up until a crash from below shocks him for a moment. Noting that it was likely this training Ashaya's Pikachu was having, he made another mental note to ask later what it might have been for. Soon enough Ines and Ashaya came back to join the rest of the group, the latter of the two beaming, before William arrived, looking like death rolled over as he clung to his coffee.

Giving a short speech in regards to how the match would work, William tosses out a Pokeball to reveal a Woobat, giving Kael a bit of pause as to how he was going to handle the situation. Faolan could likely tear the bat down to size with ease, and of course Niamh was a regular powerhouse, but he decided that in the end they'd likely serve him better later, as William had yet to know that he had either of them, while Dianiv was revealed the previous day.

Grabbing the Aron's Pokeball, he tosses it onto the field, revealing the small metal creature. "Alright Dianiv, hit that bat with a double dose of Rock Tomb to start things off!"
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