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Kael watches as Dianiv weaves through the crates and builds up speed before sparking as she makes her turn for the return run. The resulting fiery charge through the boxes is amazing to watch, and the Aron cheers as her hide sizzles at the end of her run.

"That was awesome, Dianiv!" Kael leans over to pick up the metal Pokemon before touching his hand to her and determining she's a bit too hot to do so.

Ines comments on the learning of the new move before asking Kael if there was anything else he'd like to do.

"Um... I was hoping to speak with the Gym Leader, but I did find this flyer as well for a lost Stantler, and I need to make a call to see if this Stantler I found belongs to whoever posted that." Kael digs through his pack for the Pokeball so he knows exactly where it is when he does make that call.
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