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Your Aron, instructions dispensed, immediately begins her charge around the little obstacle course set up for her. She approaches the first box quickly, already having built up a bit of speed, but manages to skid around it. She comes at the next box at a bit of an angle this time, making it easier to adjust her trajectory to almost drift around the crate, leaving a little skid mark in the dirt as she turns towards the next one. She seems a little surer of her footing this time as she rounds the next one, having a bit more control and adjusting her speed without losing too much momentum. The fourth and fifth boxes are a breeze, and she manages to take the corners without issue, coming to the end of the line. Without breaking stride, she does a stylish turn, kicking up dust as she spins around. As if she struck a match with her skidding, she suddenly lights ablaze, this time charging straight through the boxes with aplomb. At the end of the course, she comes to an abrupt stop, the flame snuffed, leaving a path of smoldering destruction behind her. Dianiv's hide sizzles like a hot grill as she cools.

"Well, that seemed to go pretty well, if I do say so myself," Ines comments, seeming impressed, "I would say that your little Aron has successfully learned Flame Charge. Swish can take care of the, well, remains of the crates. Is there anything else you felt like doing this evening?"
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