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((MM: Make no mistake about it, multiple simultaneous status effects can occur in Trainer Battles unlike in the games. Goyle just got lucky :P))

Despite Goyle’s firm grip on Sparky, Keith feels it’s preferable to create some separation now. The Galvantula squirms helplessly, expecting to be squeezed even harder, so it’s with relief that he feels the grip loosen and his body being let go and propelled backwards, neither aimed nor tossed at any particular targets. As such, it’s easy for the nimble Electric-Type to land on his feet without taking further damage, and the opportunity to fight back present itself!

Being decidedly faster, Sparky is quick to let out a Thunderbolt discharge, striking the carnivorous plant for reduced damage, but damage nonetheless. As he looks to follow up with his special move, taking aim at Goyle to ensure as many burning bubbles as possible hit, Goyle takes the chance and unleashes a blinding burst of light, which is highly effective on the several Compoundeyes of the unsuspecting Galvantula! The Electric-Type screeches in pain and, enraged, attempts to strike back with a vengeance, relying on his superior (if damaged) eyesight to still secure the hit – he puts every last ounce of the small Fire energy reserves he has into one final Firestream, creating a sea of searing bubbles that goes flying towards the Grass-Type! Several spheres go way off target, carried by the wind before popping harmlessly in the atmosphere… but a good number of projectiles still find their mark and explode painfully on contact! Again luckily for Goyle, it seems none of the bubbles leave behind a particularly nasty burn, but just like last time, the hit has Keith’s partner doubling over in great pain, courtesy of fire’s extremely hazardous effect on his plant body.

And to make matters worse, just as Goyle finally feels his body once again able to move freely, Sparky looks to repeat the predicament and unleashes a second paralyzing electric pulse running though the ground… except this time, the shock wave misses Goyle entirely - this time, Flash paid off! Intending to capitalize on his lucky break, Goyle opens his deadly jaws and spits out a shower of purple mist that washes over Sparky; forced to breathe in the venomous spores, the Galvantula coughs violently as a result and looks rather sickly when the dust settles, revealing he’s been Poisoned! The effects of the toxin should be kicking in any time soon… How will this turn of events affect the battle?

Health: 47%
Energy: 59%
Stats: Atk +1; SpAtk +1

Health: 64%
Energy: 66%
Stats: Acc -1
Fire energy depleted

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