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Keith raised his eyebrows in mild surprise. When Jake called out Sparky, Keith was naturally expecting to see a Joltik. To his surprise, however, it was a Galvantula Jake had sent out! "Whoa! So Sparky evolved!" Keith murmured. He didn't pull out his Pokédex, though- he was no stranger to the Galvantula species, having seen one for himself in the forests of Astoria. And he knew that Sparky, small as he used to be, was never a pushover, so he was bound to be a threat in his Galvantula form. Alas, they didn't find out just how much of a threat yet- the Galvantula only managed a Thunder Wave before succumbing to Goyle's Sleep Powder.

However, Keith had an idea as to what to expect- Jake was cheering loudly for Sparky in an effort to wake him up, and in doing so, called for an attack. Keith's eyes widened- Jake was ordering Sparky to use Firestream, a powerful Fire attack. He supposed it shouldn't surprise him too much- Firestream was one of those attacks absolutely every Pokémon was able to learn. Hell, his Weedle knew Firestream! If that didn't drive that point home for him, nothing would.

"Wat are ya gonna do?" Meowth asked Keith. "If Sparky wakes up, dat Firestream's gonna hurt."

Keith nodded. "I'm aware of that," he agreed, as he went over Goyle's attacks in his mind. If only he had thought to teach Goyle Sunny Day! It would work so well with so many of his attacks, to say nothing of his Ability, and would turn his Weather Ball into a nice, super effective Fire-type move...

"Maybe youse oughta switch?" suggested Meowth. "Dat's allowed in dis battle, right?"

"Yeah, it is, but..." Keith trailed off. "It'd just seem a shame to put Goyle's stat boosts to waste, y'know? His attacks are gonna hit pretty hard after that Growth. Maybe we can get something done before Sparky wakes up."

"Better tink fast, den," replied Meowth. "Dat Galvantula ain't gonna sleep ferever."

Keith nodded. "OK, Goyle, go for a Clear Smog attack! Then hit it with Cut, and squeeze it with your Wrap attack!" And now all he could do was wait. Wait and see. Would Sparky wake up and foul up Goyle's plans? Or would the paralysis take that job instead? Or maybe, just maybe, would this all work? Only time would tell...
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