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Keith winced as the Gunk Shot landed, and to his dismay, he could see that Gold was coughing uncontrollably. It wasn't exactly rocket surgery to see what had happened here- Gold was poisoned by the powerful Poison move.

*Geez," Meowth remarked. "Cyanide weren't kiddin', dat Gunk Shot really is powerful."

Keith nodded. "Clearly," he replied.

"Ya better switch Gold out, though," Meowth added.

Keith shook his head. "No... he's holding on by a thread, and he's poisoned. Even if I switch him out, he'd probably pass out in the time it takes to send him back out. No, we gotta try one last move, and I think I know just the one, especially if what I think is about to happen, is about to happen."

Meowth opened his mouth to ask Keith just what he thought was gonna happen, but at that instant, Gold spoke up instead. "Ga-TOOOOOOOR!" he bellowed, sounded even more fired up than before. Keith and Meowth could've sworn they saw some sort of powerful aura surrounding him at that moment. Smirking his satisfaction at his hunch being correct, Keith held out his Pokédex.

"Torrent- Feraligatr's Ability," droned the device. "When Feraligatr is low on health, its Water-type attacks become more powerful."

"Ahhh," nodded Meowth. "So it's like Pomona's Overgrow or Melittin's Swarm, den?"

"Exactly," nodded Keith. "We only got time for one more move, so let's make it count. Gold!" he called out. "Hydro Cannon attack!"
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