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Keith and Meowth clapped their hands (paws, in the case of the latter) over their ears as Pom unleashed his Screech attack. A grating move for anyone to hear, but particularly for Pokémon. Keith could feel a chill go down his spine as he tried (with almost no success) to block the offending sound from his ears.

Gold, however, got the worst of it. His eardrums were in agony, and he had a horrible headache from the move, but remembering his orders, he utilized the same technique Pom had previously used- Agility. The Feraligatr was a lot faster now, though was still just a little slower than Pom. The gap had been closed by a considerable amount, though, which Keith supposed was better than nothing, though in the next instant, Pom managed to destroy both Double Team clones by way of Double Hit. Though he didn't actually hit Gold with the attack, Keith had to wonder whether Jake had ordered that move with the intention of eliminating the Double Team clones as quickly as possible. He had to admit, he was impressed if that was indeed the case, though he still had to focus. "Gold! Rock Smash!" he called out.

As much as the Screech was still ringing in his head, Gold could hear Keith, and was only too happy to oblige, slamming Pom with a powerful punch that very clearly did a number on the Ambipom's defensive capabilities. However, Pom was only too willing to retaliate, and did so with another dose of Double Hit. And this time, Gold had no Double Team copies to take either blow in his stead- the Feraligatr took the full force of the attack, which indeed seemed to hit a little harder than Keith would've guessed, even taking the Screech into account. "Oh, don't tell me..." Keith muttered, holding out his Pokédex.

"Ambipom's Ability- Technician," droned the device, confirming what Keith was fearing. "Ambipom's weaker attacks are more powerful than usual."

"Yeah, dat would'a been my guess," nodded Meowth. Having Technician himself, Keith knew that Meowth would have been able to tell him this fact even before the Pokédex spoke up.

"Don't give in, Gold!" Keith called. "Poison Jab, let's go!"

"Gatoooor!" Gold bellowed in response. His claws took on a vicious purple glow, and he plunged said claws into Pom's torso, causing the Ambipom to wince in obvious pain, though the attack failed to poison.

"I'm guessin' Cyanide ain't ta hear a word about dis battle?" asked Meowth.

Keith nodded. "Not one word," he confirmed. "I'd rather not be maimed by my own Umbreon, thank you." As he spoke, Keith looked out at the battlefield, sizing up the situation. Gold and Pom were both in more or less the same situation- both were faster than usual, but weaker on the defensive side. Both of them had some kind of boost towards some of their attacks going for them- Gold's Dragon Dance, and Pom's Technician. In short, they seemed to be more or less evenly matched at this point, and Keith knew that if neither of them switched out, this first match would be a close one. So now was the time to start going all-out in terms of offense, wasn't it? "OK, Gold, time for a Dragon Claw attack!" Keith called out. "Then use your Metal Claw attack, and follow it up with an Ice Punch!"
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