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Upon seeing Victor's Pokemon selection, Anthony's cockiness simply increased as he chuckled quietly. Taking to the skies, "Crimsonwing" swooped over the rail cart, heading to the other side to attempt a clear shot. However, despite Anthony saying nothing, Drozee was already making a beeline for the very same metro car. Rolling into the opened entrance, Drowzee dove into the cart's center passageway just as flames ignited from inside "Crimsonwing's" mouth. Though not as intense as one might expect from a Flamethrower, the fire streams through the doorway and the subsequent window openings as the fiery bird flies steadily alongside the Magnet Train section, unsure of where inside the Drowzee has crawled to.

"Hmm, that singed him a little. Maybe you should start getting up earlier. Warm your Pokemon up before the fight of their lives. Otherwise, you get...that," he jabbed, referring to the imperfect Flamethrower. "But really, even if it was full strength, it's not our first time fighting flying opponents. My Pokemon and I know this station inside and out. The simple strategies of a simple man are no match for us," continued Anthony. "Now then, Headbutt!"

Suddenly, Drowzee appeared in the window "Crimsonwing" was fluttering in front of in his search for the missing Drowzee. Catching the bird unaware, he launched himself from the open gap in the cart, diving headfirst into the "Fletchinder". Upon contact, the illusion shattered, as Shadowcaster tumbled to the ground, the force of the attacking sending him flying in the direction of Anthony's perch. Ungracefully, Drowzee slammed into the ground as well, though he was more than prepare for the impact, quickly getting back to his feet. Victor notices that for the first time since he met with Anthony this morning, that pretentious smirk was finally wiped from his face.

"Huh...Well that explains the Flamethrower," noted Anthony, genuinely shocked. Almost immediately, however, his concerned expression shifted to that of determination, a stern look fixing itself on his face. "Alright then. Now that the games are over, let's get this beat-down back on track."

But before he could issue a command, Shadowcaster enacted the fail-safe in his orders. Licking his lips in darkness, the Zorua barked loudly and curtly, startling the approaching Drowzee as an ebony sound wave washed over him, making him grit his teeth in pain.

"That's nothing!" Anthony responded swiftly. "Meditate! Pound!"

Soon enough, the Drowzee's clenching relaxed, his jawline easing downwards, his snout becoming flimsy yet again. But when he reopened his eyes, Shadowcaster could see the fierceness within them, as they were fixed directly on the smaller Zorua. With an unexpected burst of speed, the Drowzee rushed Shadowcaster, its stubby limbs flailing wildly as it rapidly accelerated. Caught completely off guard by the spontaneous berserker's movement, Shadowcaster's snout met Drowzee's right hand. The impact sent the fox skidding along the ground before being stopped by the steep tile cliff at the side opposite Victor. His Meditation boosted rampage subsiding slightly, Drowzee now stared down his prey with an aloof gaze, awaiting his next set of calculated orders.

"That's right where we want him. Keep him on our side. Punish his trainer for choosing such a small, weak opponent for you. Make Victor shout," teased Anthony, a smaller smirk returning to his still serious face. "Make sure he stays here, and lay into him. Disable. Headbutt...Body Slam!"
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