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The arena for this battle was unexpected, for some reason he had expected a simply room with little going on. This would certainly bring in a tactical element, if he wasn't careful he would be outplayed by his clever opponent. He selected Shadowcaster's Pokeball from his belt, however that wasn't the name he intended to call out as he tossed the ball down into the arena.

"Go Crimsonwing!" A Fletchinder bursts from the ball, however Victor knew it was merely an Illusion. He hoped that Shadowcaster's increased psychic abilities and master illusion skills would allow him to hold the ruse long enough for Anthony to fall for it. Drowzee was a Psychic type, if it used a Psychic move against the Dark type Zoura it wouldn't do any damage. "Crimsonwing, Flamethrower as you arc around it, then go in for a Return." Victor then concentrated his thoughts, hoping that Shadowcaster might be able to pick up on them. "If they break your Illusion, hit them with a Snarl."
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