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As Victor closed in on the gym, he was treated to a rather...annoying sight. Leaning nonchalantly against the barred gym gates, Anthony sized Victor up upon his arrival before smirking. Standing straight, Anthony placed the sweat-drenched towel in his hand around his neck before gripping the barricades. Removing them with ease, he moved onto the second step of unlocking the gym, placing his hand in the dead center of the gating and focusing intently. With a click, the gates seemed to separate slightly, whatever force that was binding them together having been broken by the telekinetic prodigy. While he propped the gates wide open, Anthony began addressing Victor.

"You're late," claimed Anthony, the smug grin never leaving his face. "For a second I had you pinned as a hard worker, but I must've been mistaken if you can't even fit in your workout before the break of dawn hits. Vivi will take you to the battlefield..." without facing Victor, Anthony paused in the middle of the gateway. "...Get ready."

With that final demand, Anthony headed into the darkened interior of the gym, quickly vanishing from sight. Victor, however, didn't have a plethora of time to think about those words, since as soon as Anthony vanished, a voice called out from behind the challenger.

"Victor! I'm back!" shouted Vivi, enthusiastically waving to catch Victor's attention. "I had to get up early this morning to make the trip, but like I said, I wouldn't miss this for the world. Thank Mew we finished the path yesterday. We'd better not keep Anthony waiting...even though he's been working me like a slave for the past few days," chuckled Vivi in a mockingly annoyed voice. Despite the underlying hints of truth in her comedy, it was evident that she appreciated and enjoyed the workload. "Just follow me!"

The inside of the gym remained dim as the two traversed into the station, but Vivi helped light the way as they went. The anticipation continued to build, the pounding of the pairs footsteps on the hard tiled floor providing the only sound for the journey, leaving Victor's mind to wander. After what seemed like hours of walking, the duo approached a trio of arched passageways, but only the center one remained ungated. Tapping him on the shoulder, Vivi stopped Victor for a moment.

"Just walk through that arch, and the battle will begin. This is where I'll have to leave you, but don't worry. I'll be watching you and your interesting team from the stands to the left of you," she assured, motioning to the left gateway. "Well...good luck, Victor. I hope you're ready."

Finally, Victor was left alone. Around him, the shadows and dim lighting that his Pokemon preferred prevailed. But in front of him, a blinding light obscured his vision, preventing him from seeing any of the battlefield until he left the comfort of the darkness. Out there, he could already tell that there wouldn't be anywhere for his Pokemon to hide. After a few moments, he trudged ahead, into the light.

"Doing things in a timely manner just isn't your thing, huh?" taunted a voice as soon as Victor entered the arena. Even though his eyes were still adjusting to the sudden rush of light, it was obvious who the speaker was. "I thought that after how directly you dealt with Estelle, you'd be more direct about things," continued the gym leader. Finally rubbing some vision back into his eyes, Victor was faced with the distant sight of that unbearable smirk yet again. However, not even the irksome nature of Anthony's jeers could distract Victor from the bizarre arena in front of him.

Despite it being no longer in use, Victor found himself in the heart of the Magnet Train Rail System. Overhead, a high arched ceiling connected his platform to Anthony's. Studying the opposite side of the arena, Victor noted that each trainer was on a raised plateau, each of which had a steep drop off leading down into the actual arena. There, the floor was somewhat difficult to look at, reflecting the morning light that poured in from each of the arena's horizontal ends, the openings there made for the Magnet Train allowing plenty of light to seep in. The most striking aspect of the arena, though, was the line of five Magnet Train carts in the center of the stadium. One sleek front, three boxy passengers, and a final, obtuse caboose. While it did not cover the entire length of the arena, it stretched about a quarter to each side out from the center, meaning that any Pokemon wishing to cross sides near the center would have to either go through it or under it. Luckily, due to the height of his platform, Victor could see over the carts, allowing him to survey his opponent's side of the field. Victor took all of this in as quickly as he could, but soon enough, Anthony reclaimed his attention.

"Oh well. Your punctuality doesn't matter anyways. I was planning on knocking you down a peg or two regardless," he admitted, plucking a Pokeball from his belt. "I'll even let you choose second. Drowzee, go!" he shouted, throwing his ball to release an odd, bulky Pokemon with a bizarre snout. The yellow and brown creature landed squarely on the tiles of Anthony's side of the field, its hands moving hypnotically as it awaiting its challenger.
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