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"Good to see you raring to go, Victor," grins Vivi, as she does up the headcount for her group. "No sense in wasting time here. Let's move out!"

You join the crew of Saffron's Trainers, counting roughly fifteen of them in addition to Vivi herself. Perhaps it's the division of manpower, but the difficulty of the task ahead dawns on you. If this is Anthony's largest group, it stands to reason that the other teams must be more strapped for numbers. It's no surprise that the locals need all the help they can get, considering that the Gym Leader's intention is to rebuild Saffron from the ground up. You still can't get used to Anthony's headstrong attitude or immovable sense of snark, but you have to hand it to the man for willingly forging ahead on such a great undertaking... even if you're one among others doing the grunt work.

"Okay, here we are!" As Vivi halts the group, you recognise the clearing where Peter directed you earlier. The ground near the makeshift entrance is visibly trodden from where earlier locals must have moved around, but no more than a few feet ahead is the virulently verdant vegetation of the Saffron Jungle, choking any opening or passage from sight.

"We're going to have to move carefully here. Anthony wants a straightforward pass like Saffron used to have, which means that anything in our way has to go. Lumberjacks will follow my lead in the centre; Reflect and Light Screen users will form the outward flanks. Anyone else who isn't within either category will line up behind the panelists and form the second line of defence," Vivi indicates as she pulls another Ball from her belt. "Idemey, help us out!"

Unlike the bulky form of her Slowbro earlier, Vivi's partner this time is significant sleeker, boasting a lithe blue bipedal frame marked by white appendages and joints and topped with an odd head formation that vaguely resembles a cross between whipped cream and garlic. It stands firm, striking a practiced pose as it sizes up the environment ahead. "Lead the way with your Psycho Cut!"

Several arcs of energy tear forth from the Meditite's palms as it swings its arms like dancing, tearing through the leaves and vines it comes across. A myriad of PokéBalls pop open, revealing Psychic and Fighting Pokémon of various builds. Time for you to chip in as well...
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