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Victor was a little annoyed when Anthony steeped in and interrupted the match, Soulblade deserved the victory he had earned. Just another reason to dislike the way the Gym Leader handled himself. Victor couldn't help but feel a little for Bethany's cause, Victor wasn't entirely certain that cutting through the forest was a respectful option. Despite that he found himself slapped into the main force of cutters, which made sense given his Pokemon and choice of side arm. Hopefully an opportunity would present itself for Victor to leave his mark on the project, although now couldn't wait to get his hands on Anthony and his Pokemon.

Given leave to take his Pokemon to the Center to get healed, Victor heads out of the Gym and heads for the Pokemon Center. Handing his Pokeballs over to the kindly nurse, Victor makes his way over to the now familiar Jeri Co Machine to see what treasures await him this time. Firstly he inserts a piece of mail and inserts a few of his TM's sending them to his long distance friend Amethyst.....

Heya Amethyst
I hope your adventure is going well, I heard you might be challenging a gym soon?! Hopefully these TM's come in handy and you will come out 'Victor'ious.....

Enjoy- Victor
Suddenly a message popped up on Victor's screen and he could barely believe his eyes.....

Hey there kiddo, it's your uncle Hank! I don't know if you knew but I have been in a coma since the disasters, I have no idea where your aunty and cousin are. How are the parents? I'm surprised your dad let you go off on your own. I'm making my way to Violet city now, let me know if you need anything!

His uncle Hank was alive?! Last Victor had heard his uncle had died during the disasters, at least that is what his mother had been told. Hank also obviously didn't know about how his father had died and to be honest Victor hadn't thought about it in quite a while. He had been so busy with his adventure that he had forgotten about that dreadful day and what he had done to those who killed his father. He hadn't really experienced the same dark anger he felt that day, but just knowing that potential was inside him was hard enough. He knew he had to be honest with his uncle, it would be good to have someone to vent to and he would surely understand, from what his mother had told him, his uncle was a bit of a hot head.

Dear Uncle Hank

I'm so glad to hear that you are alive! and I guess somewhat well? Anyways yes I have been busy adventuring through Kanto, I might make my way over to Johto eventually. I need to be honest with you uncle, dad is dead.
We were out in the forest on patrol and we were set upon by bandits.
While I fled to safely dad stayed behind, they killed him..... But I did something worse uncle Hank. Fueled by rage I cut them all down, I don't know what came over me, I just lost control. I left without telling mum/your sister, for all she knows I am dead as well, I can't face her, not yet. Goodluck tracking down your family, I am always here if you need anything and I will let you know if there is anything you can do for me.

Victor then hit the collect button on the machine and a bundle of supplies dropped out. 3 Star Shards, a Boat Ticket, a Hidden Ability Capsule and a Dream Ball. Not a bad haul, the Boat Ticket was an interesting development which could come in handy if he wanted to make his way over to Johto......

Having spent enough time in the Center, Victor collected his Pokemon and made his way back to the gym. He released Soulblade and Crimsonwing from their Pokeballs before entering, Soulblade attached himself to Victor's back while Crimsonwing took roost on his shoulder. Entering the gym, Victor made his way towards Vivi.

"Alright Vivi, I am ready to get started. I will follow your lead without question, well, without much question, I'm not a Mareep."
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