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Round 5: Or maybe not...

“To those here at the fairground who have been paying attention to the battle as opposed to all the wonderful attractions we have here at the Fizzytopia's New Fairground, don’t you have that feeling too that this round might just turn everything around? There is obviously not much going on in the arena, but the effects are most certainly interesting.”

“The small gingerbread Dunsparce is taking it easy so far, not doing much at all. I guess he’s about to fall asleep, and he doesn’t have much to fear so far yet either, his plasma-like opponent is just staring at him very, very intensely. Like he is trying to look directly into Hebi’s soul, hell-bent on sucking it out. The small Ghost/Electric-type deep state of concentration and it is quite obvious he is doing something to the Normal-type. If I didn’t know any better I’d swear I have seen some kind of line linking the two directly. But whatever Arthur is doing, it’s something that Hebi is feeling too it seems. The Dunsparce looks like he is feeling uncomfortable, he is moving left and right and he has a Pained expression on his face.”

“Looking at the other side of the arena, Arthur is paying close attention to everything the Land Snake does and is starting to look better and better by the minute. I mean, he has taken quite a beating so far so it’s not that much of an accomplishment, but he’s certainly looking better than before. Despite the tiny form Hebi is in at the moment, the Rotom can quite easily keep track. Though I’m sure the little bright sparks that seem to be flying off the Dunsparce from time to time play a role in that too.”

“Anyways, both Pokémon now seems to be a lot less tense, and their power appears to be quite evenly Spit at the moment. But let’s just hope we get more action next round.”

Energy: 29.3%
Health: 45.8%
Stats: Paralyzed

Energy: 36.2%
Health: 45.8%
Stats: -

EpicSquirtle is to go first

And PM any questions you may have.
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