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リュック - Okiku's Pack

  • x5/6 Pokéball [x]
  • x1 Moon Ball [x]

Recovery Items:
  • x1/3 Potion [x]
  • x1 Revive [x]

Hold Items:
  • x1 Luck Incense [x]

Evolutionary Items:
  • None at the moment

TM Case:
  • x1 Hidden Power [x]

Berry Bag:
  • x1/2 Oran Berry [x]
  • x2 Cheri Berry [x]
  • x2 Chesto Berry [x]
  • x1/2 Pecha Berry [x]
  • x2 Rawst Berry [x]
  • x2 Aspear Berry [x]
  • x1 Sitrus Berry [x]

Other Items:
  • x1 Escape Rope [x]
  • x2 Greet Stationary [x]
  • x3 Rare Candy [x]

Key Items:
  • x1 Fishing Pole
  • x1 TM Case
  • x1 Berry Pouch
  • x1 PokéGear
    • Phone
    • News
  • x1 Pokédex

Quest Items:

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