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DBZ Desert (Outdoor. Advanced Arena for Outdoor Battles): Basically, the Pokémon battle in the usual arena characters in DBZ always seem to fight in: a desert-like environment with large rocky plateaus and mountainous rock formations jutting out of the sand. The Pokémon start out on one of the many rocky plateaus or part of the mountainous formations. The plateaus are situated about 25 to 50 feet above the sands and it would be very deadly for a Pokémon to fall off and kill his or herself. Sandstorms kick up from time to time, lasting as long as the usual Sandstorm attack and just a bit weaker. Some Onix, Geodude, Graveler, Golem, and Machops live in the surrounding mountain formations and may attack if provoked. Ground and Rock-type Pokémon get a power boost and boulders can be lifted by Pokémon with enough strength to lift and use them.
Special Rules: Wild Pokémon, Terrain Edge, Easily Destroyed, Sandy, Deadly.
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