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With two Pokemon left, there isn't much fluff left to say. It is down to the wire. And the wire is placed on the ground as flying is out of the picture for four more rounds. Will the match even go on that long? With what is most likely massive type spam imminent, chances are it will not.

The Aerodactyl currently has the much better position. It is not confused and finally positioned correctly in a way that makes standing not horribly awkward for it. With the Medicham fairly confused, the Aerodactly has time to start flapping away once more. Much to its unfortunate luck, the Medicham starts to glow as well. Its head seems to be glowing with a bit of psychic energy. It appears to be curing its mind with a Zen Headbutt, as all external influences have been ejected from it. Medicham rushes into Aerodactyl but instead eats a full blast of Twister, slowing down the attack! The Zen Headbutt gets turned into a Zen Head-bop as the momentum of the attack was reduced by the super effective winds produced by Twister. Although the energy still did the normal share of psychic damage.

With the first bit of blows exchanged, the Medicham starts to stop down onto the ground as it summons up a medium sized rock using Rock Slide! It starts to blast it towards the Aerodactyl but.. it would appear Aerodactyl wasted absolutely no time with a Razor Wind! The ancient rock Pokemon is much less exhausted from the last few rounds and manages to strike first. The winds are simply too much for the fighting type. It plops over to the ground, KOed.

Kuno-kun: And just like that, the second Grand Melee is over. Anyway, let's get on with the results.

The prizes will be as follows:

The top four placing trainers: Charminions, Dream Breaker, deh74 and Firewater will all be automatically seeded into the next Kuno run GM (allowing them to avoid the randomization process). Charminions will also receive 10 TP, Dream Breaker will receive 8 TP, deh74 will receive 6 TP and Firewater will receive 4 TP.

Also, top 4 winners will receive a discount on their next Mega Token purchase. 1st and 2nd place can buy one for 5 SP and 3rd and 4th can purchase one for 10 SP. This applies for one purchase only.

And of course, the big prize. Charminions will be able to choose one of the two specially sigged Pokemon below. The second place winner, Dream Breaker, will receive the other Pokemon. The prizes are:

This Milotic is a prize for ranking first or second in the Spring 2014 Grand Melee. It does not count toward squad limits.
Special Training: Fairy Lover (Fairy)
Milotic has always been fascinated with pixies. When it learned about the new type, Fairy, it wanted to become a fairy more than anything. However it was impossible to become a fairy, and so it decided to try to get as close as possible. After years of research and training, it is now considered to be familiar with the Fairy type. In addition, it now knows the moves Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Draining Kiss, Play Rough, Baby-Doll Eyes, Sweet Kiss, and Moonlight.

This Cacturne is a prize for ranking first or second in the Spring 2014 Grand Melee. It does not count toward squad limits.
Special Training: Nuked Sun (Fire)
Cacturne likes to tell people that it was tested on for years. In reality, it probably swallowed something it wasn't supposed to. Whatever the case may be, it now permanently has an odd glow. This causes it to be permanently under the effects of Sunny Day. Any attack or move that requires the sun of the sun is bestowed upon Cacturne, even in other weather conditions, indoors or at night. As a side effect, the odd green glow will easily give away its position in darkness or while hiding, although the look can be considered menacing.

In addition to the TP gained above, dealing the most damage to a Pokemon will score you a KO. Below are a list of the KOs earned and rewards for them:

4 KO/8 TP for Charminions (Medicham, Claydol, Scolipede, Scolipede)
3 KO/6 TP for Dream Breaker (Cacturne, Munchlax, Galvantula)
2 KO/4 TP for kingothestone (Tyranitar, Rotom Fan)
1 KO/2 TP for Firewater (Abomasnow)
1 KO/2 TP for deh74 (Chimecho)
1 KO/2 TP for Mozz (Ariados)
1 KO/2 TP for EmeraldGoblin (Zubat)
1 KO/2 TP for Machamp-X (Galvantula)
1 KO/2 TP for zerozoner (Joltik)
1 KO/2 TP for Rangeetsuper (Politoed)
1 KO/2 TP for kusari (Gyarados)
1 KO/2 TP for DaveTheFishGuy (Drapion)
1 KO/2 TP for Sneezey12 (Lombre)

Thanks again everyone for participating and putting up with some of the slower moments. I hope you all enjoyed the Grand Melee this time around. I tried my best to make it as fun for everyone, even the people watching at home.
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