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With the sandstorm finally gone, we can have a normal round of Grand Melee action. And it seems like that is what we are going to get. The Cacturne starts to head north towards the Abomasnow who is currently asleep on the job. It seems to have used a Rest last round. Not the best time for that. In addition to the Cacturne, the Aerodactyl and Medicham also head north towards it. It would appear some fun stuff is about to go down. Well, it depends on your definition of fun.

Much to the surprise of everyone, a Claydol pops out of the ground! It would appear it is next to the sleeping Abomasnow, and on the other side of the Cacturne! The dark grass type tries to move into a better position to attack as the Claydol starts to amass a large bit of rock energy. It would appear Cacturne is not fast enough to save its friend. The Claydol unleashes a Stone Edge! Rock energy gets pelted into the sleeping Pokemon, putting it out of its misery. It falls over, KOed.

Not long after this, the Cacturne has no issues with anything being in the way and uses its long overdue attack. Well, not that long overdue. But long enough. The Claydol eats an Energy Ball and finds it's not too delicious. The attack deals a good bit of super effective damage as the Aerodactyl finally shows up to the party. It fires off a Superstationsonic attack at the Claydol. The attack succeeds in messing with it, as it appears to be doing nothing of interest. The Medicham decides to show up eventually. It takes its turn sending off its own grass attack. It gathers a bit of glowing green energy in front of it in the form of yet another Energy Ball! The attack hits directly, causing the Claydol to fall over, KOed.

With two Pokemon down in one round, clearly that is enough action. Right? Well maybe in your normal wimpy-ass Grand Melee. Medicham is only getting started. It gathers a bit of bug energy and blasts the Cacturne with a Signal Beam! And then... does it again! It lets loose a second Signal Beam, reminding everyone that four times weaknesses are not fun for anyone. This does not KO Cacturne, but lets just say you can't return it to a store in that condition.

Kuno-kun: Now that's what I want to see!

Kuno-chan: We somehow made it to three Pokemon left.

Kuno-kun: This is intense.

Kuno-chan: Also since it is round thirty, all Pokemon are given three-movers once more.

Kuno-kun: In that case, someone is going to die.

Kuno-chan: Tune in next time to find out who!

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