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With the Sandstorm still raging for a few more turns, the Go-Goggles help quite a bit as we do get some action this round.

The Abomasnow starts things off by making things a little brighter. In this case quite literally. It uses a Flash attack, blinding everyone that is very close to it because the Sandstorm really messes up that sort of thing. The Claydol and Medicham get blinded! Which is a shame because the Claydol was attempting to Dig underground before the bright flash ruined its concentration. Although to be fair it still has many eyes left.

While the brightness and contrast were turned up to the south, the Rotom Fan was not just spinning about. It gathered a good bit of flying energy as it nails the Abomasnow with a nasty Air Slash! Ouch! The Abomasnow retaliates with yet another cold blast from an Ice Beam! The attack seems to be too much for it! It falls over, KOed.

In the meantime the Claydol seems to have Dug underground once more, as various Pokemon seem to look around for it.

Kuno-chan: Thus ends another uneventful round. We have two more full rounds of Sandstorm left.

Kuno-kun: At least someone died this round. Go blood!

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