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Floor 4: Battleground: As Lapis started getting the hang of being airborne once more (something Keith could definitely identify with, considering his own Dusknoir), Alex led the way into the room where the battling took place. And as they went, the Dusknoir chuckled his approval of Melittin's attitude before introducing himself and Paine. The Beedrill nodded as Lapis explained Paine's utter inability to speak- he also had a mute teammate, though Shelley was at least able to communicate in some way by manipulating the White Smoke that she puffed out of her shell.

Lapis then introduced Totsuka, pointing out that she was a Shadow Pokémon. Another nod from Melittin, who also had a Shadow Pokémon for a teammate. "Yeah, I see that," he said as Lapis pointed out Totsuka's laziness. "Wish my Trainer's Shadow Pokémon was like that, honestly- Keith's got this maniacal Shadow Ledian who wants to take over the world. I doubt he'll actually succeed, but the guy is annoying as all hell- I mean, I've taken so many Shadow Panics my offspring are gonna need Persim Berries." he chuckled.

As Keith followed Alex, he was able to observe the sparring match between the Aipom and Cubone. He watched with interest, as Harpe's Mega Kick was countered nicely by Issac's Iron Head. Alex gave some tips to the Aipom as this went on. "This is pretty much how training sometimes goes at my place," Keith said to Alex, smiling as he watched. "My Pokémon will pair off and start sparring, and I give them tips if need be.

Lenny listened as Fragarath explained about how Nothung's first battle went, against a Lunatone that Alex had apparently subsequently caught. "Wow," murmured Lenny, though his eyes were still glued to the action unfolding before him.

And then, things started to go wrong. The Aipom landed a very effective Brick Break to the Cubone's skull. Too effective, in fact- Issac hit the floor face-first, the impact accompanied by a sharp cracking sound that commanded the immediate attention and concern of all within earshot. Worse still, the Cubone, who had immediately clutched his skull, removed one arm from said skull to see blood on it. Keith had never owned a Cubone of his own, but by no means did that make him ignorant to how important the skulls they wore were to them. "I'll help however I can," Keith stated- already he was whipping out his Pokédex, prepared to swap one of his Pokémon out in favor of Rubeus- surely the Stunfisk's Soft-Boiled would be an asset here...

...but then, a glow overcame Issac's body. Keith was surprised and confused by this- Issac was surely evolving, but he'd always known evolution to be accompanied by a blue-white kind of glow. This was more of a green glow. Keith watched with considerable confusion and interest as the Cubone changed shape, grew larger, but... not as expected. And as the glow faded, Keith was the most surprised he'd ever been. Issac was a Marowak now, but he'd never seen a Marowak like this before. Thinner and decidedly more purple than the average Marowak, with bonelike grey markings on his back, an odd marking on the skull, between the eyes, and perhaps most prominently, the ends of the bone caught fire. Keith exited from the PC storage app of his Pokédex, and simply scanned Issac with it.

"...Insufficient data," droned the Pokédex. "Initiating update to Pokédex version 7.0. Please hold."

"What..." Keith murmured, listening as Alex mentioned something about how some Pokémon could drastically change in new and unexpected ways by evolving in tropical climates.

"...Update complete," the Pokédex piped up. An image of this strange new form of Marowak appeared on the screen. "Marowak, the Bone Keeper Pokémon, and the evolved form of Cubone. In its Alola Form, a Fire and Ghost-type. The bones it possesses once belonged to its mother, and still contain the mother's regrets, which protect Marowak like a vengeful spirit."

"Alola Form," Keith repeated. "Wow. I've heard of the Alola region- never heard too much about it, but I know it exists- but I've never heard of something like an Alola Form before." He was sounding a little less confused and a lot more intrigued. "Wow. Oh, Hermione's gonna want to see this," he stated.

And that statement held true for Lenny as well, with the Sneasel looking on in awe at the Fire/Ghost-type. "Woooow!" Lenny exclaimed. "That's so cool! I never saw a Marowak like you before!"

Golestandt was quick to respond, answering Hermione's question, confirming that it was very likely the creatures spoken of in this tale were indeed Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza. Hermione took more notes, about the sun beast's veins of lava, the glowing runes and spots on the rain beast, and a different form for the wyrm as well, with glowing runes, odd jaw protrusions, and strange antennae. The Golurk added that although it wasn't known for sure that the ultimate techniques were in fact Origin Pulse and Precipice Blades, there was evidence that pointed in such a direction. Hermione made a quick note of this being likely near her earlier note, before returning to some quick sketches and notes she was making regarding what Golestandt had described about the beasts' and wyrm's unusual appearances. "Hmm..." she murmured. "Perhaps, like Giratina, there are alternate formes for Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza? But then, the two Giratina formes are supposedly more equal in terms of power, with the Origin Forme emphasizing offense and the Altered Forme emphasizing defense, but... if these unknown formes are simply statistically superior in every way... but it couldn't be Mega Evolution, could it?" Hermione speculated out loud. "Mega Evolution requires a Trainer with a Key Stone... unless there would be another means for the Mega Evolution to be initiated? Is that possible?" she asked the gigantic Golurk. "Mega Evolution without a Trainer... is such a thing possible at all, let alone for Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza?"

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