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Floor 5, Arcade.

The plan had gone off without problems.

Covering his tracks went as smooth as expected, though he was somewhat alarmed to hear that they had brought a Tyranitar of all things to bring him down with, but the wily Duskull managed to outwit even this and evolved on top of this, to her advantage. After sailing on the borrowed ship to the Sundered Blade, and purchasing the title deed for the location at a Champion's ransom, the move was successful and Nuhuko returned the Banette's Revenge back where it came from in the same condition it was left...if facing the wrong way.

Currently, Alex Blackhall reclined in one of the seats, reading a newsaper article on a catastrophic earthquake that struck Seaside City's cliffs, leaving nests in chaos and the epicentre, one large cave system, completely destroyed, but what was of concern to him was the transcript that mentioned no trace of humans being there. Given the Armor pokemon, it was possible that the Spovelli grunts sent after him would have escaped, if injured physically and in pride, but there was no trace of his ever being there.

Through in the central area, Napier the Horsea and Caladbolg the Garchomp were in conversation, discussing the water type's offensive capabilities as of recent, while Nuhuko the pumpkin Lunatone rested, the psychic type having been drained from recent activity.

Ground Floor, Entrance.

"Current funding situation...respectable. Food supplies...bountiful. Electrical subsystems..."

Down on the ground floor, located a good hundred metres below Alex, Lapis sat at a table with a pen, bookkeeping while Vog the Drowzee and Herex the Drapion relaxed by the door. The scorpion and tapir were tasked by Alex to keep guard of the door, the psychic type able to convey a message of alarm if someone shifty appeared, and the Drapion serving as security. While they knew where the others were, the pair expected today to be rather sleepy, and were welcoming the case when a small chime within the foyer rang out, alerting them to a given fact: someone else was here.

'Mind asking up there who that is?' Herex rattled, the Drowzee nodding before telepathically sending a message up to the fourth floor, where one figure stood at the window, practically invisible: Paine the Gothorita. A few seconds later, the mental silence was broken with a small hum, giving the pair below the all clear. With that, Vog and Herex headed for the door where a small panel sat to one side as a knock echoed through, and as the tapir poked a number in, the locking mechanism on the doors disengaged, allowing the Ogre Scorp to clutch the handles and heft them backwards, opening the door as the Drowzee stood to greet the first visitors to the Sundered Blade.

And almost as soon as the psychic laid eyes on the hat-wearing trainer and entourage, Meowth on shoulder and Heatmor gazing up, that he knew exactly who the visitors were. After all, when your claim to fame is toppling a volcano deity, it's hard to keep a low profile, especially as far as Alex and his team were concerned.

'Well this is a surprise,' he chuckled as Herex waved a claw in greeting, 'and here I was thinking we wouldn't be graced with a being of such acclaim as yourselves. Do enter, my master's on the fifth floor currently. If you're tired from your trip here, there's rooms on the first to third floors up, and currently we have some training up on the fourth, as well as some discussion on some interesting matters concerning tales of Sinnoh. Where are my manners, though, my name is Vog, my associate here is Herex and this is the new residence of our master, Alex Blackhall.'

'You mayhaps overdid it, Vog. Short and brief, as Alex said,' the poison type shrugged, the longwindedness of the Drowzee once more keeping her amused.
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