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The Sundered Blade - Alex's Timeworn Spire

Legends tell of the clashes of the Behemoth and the Leviathan in ancient times. The Behemoth, desolate sun vaporising the waters, great talons capable of wielding the very heart of the world itself as a great blade, hide tougher than even the strongest of metals. The Leviathan, primordial torrent washing away the mountains, dominion over the waters capable of calling forth the blood of the world itself as destructive meteors, hide so streamlined even the mightiest blast would not stop it. These two titans battled over the world for eons at the pinnacle of their strength, threatening to engulf the land in perpetual destruction. As the Behemoth raised His great blade to contend with the Leviathan's maelstrom of meteors, a great tempest blew from above as the Lord descended, His scales impervious to the Titans, and from the heavens, He unleashed an almighty gale. The Leviathan's meteors crumbled back to the blood of the world, the Behemoth's blade cracking and shattering back to the heart of the world, and as the Titans howled, The Lord's winds howled ever louder, driving the Titans back to their depths. The Leviathan retaliated with one defiant blast, from Its own Alpha, a grand meteor. The Behemoth retaliated with one defiant strike, from Its own Omega, a grand spear. The Lord retaliated with one decisive blow, from His own Delta, the breath of the world delving around Him as he Ascended, before diving into the convergence...

Draconoids, a mysterious etching.

Standing off the coast of the Volcanic Mountain, a great spire looms over the waters, eroded by the winds and storms and scarred with mysterious wisps across the body, time's very testament to the elements. The folklore surrounding this spire pertain to one clash between legendary pokemon at a scale of power said to eclipse even Arceus Himself, the spire itself the result of their final attacks before their wounds overcame them. At almost one hundred and fifty metres in height, the seemingly cracked pillar somehow remains as solid as it was all those years ago, earning it the title of the Sundered Blade.

A fitting location for Alex Blackhall and his team, who have claimed the spire as their own base after an unfortunate incident with their old Seaside City base. Given the situation, it serves as a mark of his own acceptance that the time to hide is long gone, and the group has turned the landmark into a nigh-impenetrable stronghold, serving as refuge to visitors and intimidation to enemies.

Ground floor: The foyer.

Upon arriving at the Blade, visitors will encounter a large, imposing door, which serves as the single entryway into the base. Beyond, lies the main foyer, a giant statue the centrepiece. To the left and right lie seating areas, with PC access for those who wish to withdraw or deposit pokemon, and with a pair of TVs and DVDs available for peruse. To the north lies an elevator room, with a pair of elevators which allow access to the rest of the tower.

Floors 1-3: Residential and Accommodation.

The first three floors are reserved for guests wishing to stay the night, as well as general restrooms for Alex's team. The hallways of each room contain bookshelves with a variety of books and tomes for those wishing for some quiet time, and each room contains a bed, seating and table and spectacular views.

Floor 4: The Battleground.

Easily the largest floor, the Battleground as it's known is divided into two distinct sections. To the south is the actual field, adorned with large statues and a sizable lake with rocks for water-based battles. Each of the smaller rooms to the sides contains a PC for Pokemon access, as well as a control panel allowing for access to scoreboards.

The northern half, with plentiful seating, contains a snooker table for those people seeking an alternative competition, with the TVs hooked to cameras in the battleground for safe viewing, and the shelves and fridge are stocked with plenty of snacks and refreshments for spectators.

Floor 5: The Arcade and Kitchen.

Actually a floor above the Battleground, this floor is where Alex will usually be found, with the shelves at the elevator room being historic books and novels. Inside, the east wing is the arcade itself, with a large variety of games on the shelf and four large consoles taking up much of the space. A second pool table lies here, as well as computers for those who would take to the net. In the middle is a relaxation area where you may read a book or relax by the lake, which water pokemon are free to use. The left wind contains a large kitchen, with plentiful storage and a very clever stove in the shape of a Heatran, and the fridge and freezer are well stocked. Perhaps too well stocked...

The Peak: Alex's Study.

Normally closed off to the public, this floor at the top of the Blade is the most secure of all, and contrasts the lower floors by being more like a vault rather than a set of rooms. Beyond the bulwark, which is password protected, lies the actual study. To the left, a destress chamber with plushies. The central area contains satellite systems for some unknown purposes, and numerous artefacts within cases, each one alarmed. The right contains the main study, with a bookshelf containing ancient tomes of myth and legend, seemingly obtained through less than moral methods. The trophy is actually a control panel for the spire, allowing Alex to lock and unlock doors at will as well as a master alarm system.

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