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Round 3: Shit goes down.

Sir Skit begins to take decisive action, unleashing a Bubblebeam to... distract it? idk, the idea of bubbles doing any sort of damage is slightly flawed imo, but hey ho. Anyway, the bubbles fly at Flux, who's already summoning the sharpened rocks from the arena into a compressed ring, flinging the Stone Edge through the bubbles and into the bug, sending it flying back a good bit. Understandably, this pisses the miniature bug off mightily, causing it to become red in the face! Wait, no, it's just the temperature rising as it fires off a Scalding blast of superheated water, slamming the Nosepass square in the face, burning its already-red nose! Now he's mad. Thundering mad. So mad he generates a ball of electric energy before firing it into the bug with the force of a Thunderbolt! The diminutive Water type tries to dodge, but is a bit too slow and take the brunt of the hit full-on! The bug stands, but slowly and barely, due to the paralysis in his right side.

Holy hell a lot happened there. Both are about level on health, and below the midpoint, but Sir Skit packs a slight energy advantage, with Flux on the cusp of the second third. Rain's in full swing, and will be for the rest of this 5-turn forecast. Flux is burned on the nose, Sir Skit is paralysed on the right-hand side of its body.
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