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UPN PASBL: MedMana vs Peptodismal

PeptoDismal (C) vs. MedMana (A)
Equiall 2
48 HR DQ
Arena: Forest

OK, you guys aren't that new iirc, so I'll just throw up the arena SC like so...
Originally Posted by Arena
Forest: The trees of the Forest arena are fairly densely packed, but this will only restrict the movements of larger Pokemon. The trees will obviously offer some sort of cover for battling Pokemon, and are easily climbable. Flying Pokemon may find navigating the higher reaches of the Forest hard due to the density of the branches. Rocks are easily summonable from the arena, and attacks such as Earthquake and Bulldoze will transmit readily. Setting fire to the surroundings is dissuaded and difficult due to the danger it presents, but entirely possible. This arena is outdoors only.
Rainforest: All stipulations of the Forest arena, only the humidity of the air and general moisture held within the arena makes Fire types fairly uncomfortable in this arena, and setting fire to the trees will be near enough impossible.
And it's Pepto to squad!

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