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Round 36

Sneezy recalls his fallen Dusknoir and sends out his final Pokemon, Perdita the Drifblim. She doesn't have much left in tank after previous bout; this'll take a miracle to pull off.

Drifblim (Ghost/Flying): Drifloon is considered familiar with Psychic abilities. It can inflate itself to either provide a slight defense against physical attacks or for propulsion. Driblim is almost always solid, but able to turn ethereal for short periods of time. They are very nimble in the air but light much like Hoppip and can be blown about easily by winds, but in ethereal, they are not influenced by winds or other similar forces. All ghosts fight more enthusiastically at night, though light does not hinder their ability to battle.
But wait! Evil rocks from below strike Perdita and very nearly KO her right there! But she's still standing; that was close. And so, Sneezy decides that it's best to go for a tie here, and orders Perdita to use Destiny Bond. She does everything in her power to concentrate on making sure she can take her opponent down with her. Mogwai stares at her, blinking a couple times, wondering what she's doing. Whatever, he just flashes her with a Confuse Ray and goes on his merry way. Looks like that was a false alarm. Oh, and now she's all confuzzled too.

Perdita took no damage and is still hanging on by a thread. She's totally fine on energy after her long rest.

Mogwai also took no damage. He used little energy and is refreshed from the one-mover.

Inb4 somehow this doesn't end next round.
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