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Round 34

Keaira's super tired after last round, but still has no trouble starting off this round with a menacing Snarl. The dark shockwaves race towards Mogwai, who attempts to dodge by Digging underground. However, he's currently high up in a tree, so if he's going to avoid damage, he's going to have to move fast. He drops to the ground as quickly as he can and begins to burrow, but he just can't evade the attack, and takes some damage. He isn't intimidated though, and continues to dig, disappearing into the earth. Keaira backs away slowly, but this doesn't help much, as Mogwai reappears in front of her and strikes for a clean hit. And with his doppelganger in range, he's prepared to finish this off. He lashes out with his ghostly leg and delivers a Low Sweep to his opponent's ghostly legs, knocking her off her feet. Keaira trembles as she attempts to get up; she wants so much to continue this fight another round. But it's not to be. She falls to the ground, motionless.

Keaira is unable to battle! Sneezy, please send out your next Pokemon and orders.

Mogwai took a hit and is into his second third. He used a good amount of energy, but is still okay for two next round. Fighting is about 1/3 gone.
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