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So I'm up to the second planet and have been enjoying this game so far. The one boss battle I have had to fight actually required strategy and wasn't just a spam attack fest. Unfortunately, the second planet brings with it one gigantic little problem. Lymle, fucking Lymle.
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This is Lymle. She looks about six, but is actually 15 years old! She underwent a traumatic experience, and as a result now acts much younger than she really is, and closes herself off from everyone. Which could have been alright, and would have been an interesting storyline... except for the small fact that for literally no reason at all she hasn't physically aged either. And she has the most horrible VA I have ever had the displeasure of hearing. Needless to say, I have her battle voice turned off. And it's really sad that she was a character in this game, because so far with the exception of Lymle, all the characters have been interesting and actually have good VAs.
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