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I usually don't post on UPN Day because I'm already able to change around my user title but hey, I might as well at some point right?

Let's see...its been five years since I joined UPN. It seems like a lot but then I remember there is people who have been on UPN for a lot longer than I have. I started out on Serebii with ASB, came over to UPN, made some shitty squads, some shitty sigs, did some shitty things, then kind of came back from it? Went to FB, left FB, and I've been semi-active on the forums. FF is still my baby, I'm a double Earth badge girl, and what else can I see about my actual time here.

What I can talk about though is the bonds that I've formed with people here, the friends I'll never forget and even my boyfriend who I've had the delight of coming to know because of UPN. This was a home and a port during stormy weather, and well still is, and I'm pretty thankful for the community that is here; I probably wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for you guys.

Thanks for everything~.
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