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Well damn Kuno, I thought you forgot!

Back when I was a wee 12 year old, I had access to the internet for the first time in my life, and pretty much the only thing I liked was Pokemon. A quick google search eventually led me to SPPf, and holy god, I found a community with thousands of people who liked Pokemon, just like me! This was pretty crazy at the time; in the era of YGO being the most popular thing on the schoolyard, I didn't think there was anyone who liked Pokemon anymore.

So, I trolled around SPPf for a few weeks, before I eventually came to the ASB subforum. I posted my squad, with a bunch of terrible sigs, and then posted in Open Challenges "I challenge Kyuu-Tales to a battle." She was the only trainer actively viewing ASB at the time, so I figured why not? Surprisingly, she humored me and took the match. S_M reffed. Within 20 minutes of ordering, S_M hadn't reffed, so I bumped him. What a surprise I was in for.

Being an ASB member of course, I needed to have a match over here on UPN, so in 2006, I created a UPN account. Most of my time here has been spent in ASB, although I was part of FB for a couple of years. By the time I entered university, I was only around on and off due to the workload I had. I've only come back recently, as I graduated.

10 years later, I'm a grad student at TAMU in mathematics, I'm published, have another paper in pre-publication status, and I'm getting paid to go to school. Fortunately, my hours now are going to be much better, so I plan to stick around this time!


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