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His fury having been stoked, Re-kyuu stands before his opponent in all his glory, the Scolipede shrieking into the air as he slowly begins to stomp forwards, As he approaches, he opens his mouth wide, spewing forth a horrible, sickly fluid of green hue. Watching on, Momo grunts as she is forced to take the blow, her body screaming out in agony as the toxins within the fluid wreak havoc inside her body. Dazed by the pain, the Wigglytuff is immediately wrenched back to reality as she sees the back end of her foes body hurtling towards her, a silvery grey aura cloaking the hardened carapace of his body.

Just about able to react in time, she crouches low, launching herself high into the air and above the swinging body of her foe, grinning as she comes crashing down onto the head of Re-kyuu, propelling herself away and using his body as a platform. Landing a few feet away, her eyes glow with an intense blue light, and with a commanding cry an invisible wave of force launches out to break against the body of Re-kyuu, his shrill tones ringing out across the arena. Not wanting to end her assault there, Momo inhales sharply, intending to send a blustering assault of turbulence at her foe ... only to realise she doesn't in fact learn Razor Wind, that being one of the moves susceptible to the Veekun glitch.

Momo is at this point deep into critical, a stiff wind enough to fell her. Re-kyuu didn't have a great round, knocked a way through his second third. Re-kyuu showing slight signs of tiring, Momo good for two.
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