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With Re-kyuu continuing to slumber, Momo slowly begins to bounce around to navigate behind her opponent, whimpering as the massive Scolipede begins to awaken from his slumber. Despite this, he growls in frustration as he realises his locked limbs refuse to work, leaving him unable to so much as turn as Momo begins to create a perfect doppelganger of herself. With the clone situated before her, the Wigglytuff is safe to gather a roaring gob of flame within her mouth, embers spilling from the edges of her maw to fizzle out on the ground around her. Just as Re-kyuu shifts his body round to face his foe, the Scolipede is met with an almighty ejection of flame, unable to move out of the way as it slams over his body. An angry red welt forms at the point of impact, leaving him burned, but he ejects a viscous green fluid from his mouth in retaliation. His fury is only stoked further as the clone of Momo vanishes, revealing the real Wigglytuff to be standing some distance behind, totally unharmed.

Momo has little Fire left and will be immediately fairly winded, but otherwise good for two. Re-kyuu will feel some lingering stiffness from the paralysis, but is otherwise pretty fresh. Both about tied, coming to the end of the first third.
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