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Originally Posted by milotic111 View Post
You do know that most "solutions" for the alledged problem is just stop using fossil feuls, right? Fossil feuls are finnite, so wether the climate runs wild or not, we're already starting to run low. (starting, as in past the halfway point) Sooner or later we have to ditch fossil feuls anyway. So why not sooner, if we start later we still have those economical problems and whatnot, if at all.
Actually, most solutions involve "Forcing" people and companies to stop using or reduce usage of Fossil Fuels, either through extra taxation, or harsh regulation.

I completely agree however, eventually we will be forced to move to a different fuel source, simply because our supply is gone. However, this is incredibly difficult, in that, Wind and Solar Power are completely inefficient, costing more energy in their production then they will ever produce in their lifetime. Electricity still relies on Coal Burning (so your electric cars are still "dirtying" up the atmosphere), or nuclear power (a flat "No" from the current Administration).

And all of society as a whole relies on Fossil Fuels, so changing is going to take a HUGE amount of effort. Instead of regulating their use, and forcing people to pay for inefficient energy sources, I would suggest using Fossil Fuels even more (opening more refineries, and allow more drilling), while spending money on researching serious alternative energy sources, opening more Nuclear power plants (which many democrats flat out refuse to allow), and waiting for the genius or scientific breakthrough to provide a viable, efficient, and cheap, alternative to Fossil Fuels. Once that is provided, and as supply of Fossil Fuels starts to dwindle and increase prices, people will switch over quickly, without a fuss. And until that is provided, you are simply forcing unnecessary discomfort on people.

Here's an interesting site. There's no sources, so obviously these claims will need further research, but it does give you something to think about.
Causes of Global Warming

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