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Hmm, that looks suspiciously like the Hockey Stick Graph, which I just finished proving as a fraud.
And the actual data only reaches to 2000, while the projection of that data (which projection is at best an educated guess), only reaches to 2004, so there's no data on whether temperatures have leveled out, dropped unexpectedly, or continued their "dramatic upward spike" since then.

Also, 3 of your parent parent sources are from Mann himself, the creator of the Hockey stick fraud graph. Unfortunately none of your sources are web sources so it's going to be difficult to find the parent sources of your parent parent sources. It's my bet however, that they all stem from Mann et al's "conclusive" Hockey Stick graph at some point or another. The fact remains, that we are trusting these 10 sources to be absolutely honest, or based on honest studies, 3 of which are already highly dubious, with the other 7 quite likely based off a single dubious study.

You can see why I have this suspicion by reading Section 5 of the Wegman Report, starting on page 38. Though I would highly recommend you read the entire thing.

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