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Bill Nye says it, therefore it is truth. Watch.

To answer your question, 'climate change', as it should be properly called, does exist, and there is irrefutable evidence of such. It is a fact, and it shouldn't even be up for debate. It's essentially the same thing as asking if the sky is blue or if water is wet. It's not even a debatable topic.

It is not man made. It is a completely natural cycle that takes place every few hundred years, and sometimes, a large change every few thousand. We bounce back and forth between extreme conditions, the ice age on one end and complete global warming on the other. The current warming period is supposed to be a natural bounce back from the Little Ice Age in the 16th-19th centuries, which was a bounce back from the Medieval Warm Period before then, however, I am of the opinion that as it stands, man made emissions are indeed throwing a wrench into this cycle and a. increasing the speed in which the Earth is warming and b. will make the end result of the process much, much more warmer than it is supposed to be.

So, in short, my opinion is that it indisputably does exist, it is normally completely natural, not man made, but during the present time, our emissions are helping it along and do indeed have an effect on our atmosphere. That's what pollution does, and the greenhouse effect is a real thing and it needs to stop happening.

We should really cut it out.

/two cents

edit: If you want articles or whatever... I mean, I really just wanted to pop in and give my opinion and pop out, but I should know better, that never happens on UPN, lol. Anyway, just ask and I'll go look for some. I'm way too tired to care right now

edit 2: Ah, I see you tried correcting it to 'Climate Change'. Well then, good show.

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