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ROUND 17: Landslide
Mienfoo vs Castform

Fei Xing reacts first, stomping on the floor which trembles with Rock energy. A slew of boulders emerges from the soft soil, as Fei Xing tries to scurry under the play equipment. Narrowing her eyes, Fei Xing thrusts her hands forward, and the stones rush towards Jupiter like a Landslide. Jagged rocks assails the Castform, who winces from the super-effective attack. Such is the double-edged sword that is a Castform's type change. Glancing at the sweltering sun, Jupiter tries to dredge up his enthusiasm under this blistering heat. After he relaxes under the throbbing temperature, Jupiter affixes his focus which spurs his next attack. The Castform spins on the spot, and a gnarly gust begins to pick up around Jupiter. Within seconds, Jupiter summons a scathing squall.

When Jupiter hones onto Fei Xing, the Castform unleashes the Hurricane into the playground. Blades of wind slash the soil, spraying dirt in all directions, and deafening roar drowns out all other sounds. Engulfing the park, the gale flings the swings over its own iron poles, while agitated air assaults Fei Xing, lacerating her even within her hiding spot. Nothing can hide from Jupiter's storm. As the typhoon hurls her into a teeter-totter, Fei Xing slams her head against solid wood. Her vision seems faint, but Fei Xing has an attack which can compensate for her current bewilderment. Staggering, Fei Xing condenses her Aura, which gleams like a gem and forms a singular Sphere. When Fei Xing shoots the orb, the glittery globe careens off-aim and swerves towards Jupiter, as though a magnetic field is drawing it into the Castform's orbit. Scintillating, the Fighting essence crashes into Jupiter, who grimaces.

Although she is okay for two, Fei Xing hovers close to the final third of energy and has expended a glut of Rock offtype. Depleting more than half his Flying offtype, Jupiter is a bit tired but remains in the first third. In terms of health, Jupiter remains a hit above the midpoint, while the disorientated Fei Xing resides in critical.

-KAYLAF0X to order.
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