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Go on, give me a team of six for LeafGreen.

First person to try to slap on some silly restriction of any kind (like "x mon can only evolve after soloing Misty!!111!!") gets my disappointment. S'not part of the original scramble challenge and I cba to remember such things. Other than that, whatever you fancy pretty much. I'll name the 'mon after the people who gave me them too, for added funsies.

EDIT the first: Charm, a Kingler for you.

EDIT the second: Team thus far;

- Persian (FishDave)
- Wigglytuff (Charm)
- Starmie (PikaGod)
- Snorlax (Tuner)
- Porygon (Talon)
- Victreebel (Ethe)
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